LITITZ, Pa. — President Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Lancaster County on Monday.

President Trump hosted a 'Make America Great Again' event at the Lancaster Airport located at 530 Airport Road in Lititz.

The dreary backdrop did not appear to deter people from supporting President Trump: The event drew thousands of people who chanted, "Four more years!" During his speech, President Trump reveled in seeing such a large crowd.

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"We're, besides being Jewish, we're also American citizens and what he does, what he did for America, you know, appointing judges to the Supreme Court, building the wall, cutting taxes, and he's fighting for us," said Shaya Kalman of Lancaster. "You know he is real. He loves America. He promises and he keeps his promises." 

"He stands up and fights for me everyday, and because of that, he represents my principles, my values, and I love him for it," said Joshua of Lancaster.

During the rally, President made a point to discuss fracking, police, the economy, and other hot button issues. 

On a jumbo screen, his campaign played a video which insisted Democratic Nominee Joe Biden will ban fracking and "destroy the oil industry." 

However, Biden has repeatedly stated he will not ban fracking. 

“Joe Biden is a diehard globalist who wiped out your steel mills, closed down your factories, killed your coal jobs, outsourced your industries," remarked President Trump.

The video also attacked Biden for his support for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) when it was passed in 1993. The President boasted a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, or the USMCA. He believes the deal is much better than NAFTA.

President Trump promised a vaccine for COVID-19 "soon" and a return to normalcy.

"We had the greatest economy in the world, and I want to get back to exactly that," said President Trump.

President Trump said this is "now the most important election." Trump said he believes he will receive both the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Amish vote this election.

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Trump depicted a Biden presidency as a depression where corruption and violence runs rampant. 

Trump stated Biden will ban fossil fuels and seize people's guns. Biden, though, has said he will gradually transition from fossil fuels and ban military-style assault rifles.

Trump mocked Biden for putting a "lid" on events. He said the former Vice President was staying "in the basement." Trump said it's critical for presidents to be working every day.

"With your help, devotion, and drive, we're going to keep on working, work to keep on fighting, and work to keep on winning, winning, winning," President Trump told the crowd in Lancaster County. “Over next four years, we will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on China, which is already beginning."

With Pennsylvania vital to his re-election chances, President Trump visited Erie on October 20. 

Vice President Mike Pence has also recently been in the Keystone State, attending a rally at the Capital City Airport on October 19

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