GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania is getting ready for the United States Semiquincentennial, better known as America250. The multi-year celebration commemorates the 250th anniversary of the United States. 

The anniversary is in 2026.

Pennsylvania leaders gathered at Gettysburg National Military Park in Adams County on Thursday, June 2, and asked everyone to get involved in the commemorative events.

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They say it's important to remember our history.

"The purpose of America250PA is to celebrate the rich history of this Commonwealth," Auditor General Timothy DeFoor said. "23,000 Union soldiers and one civilian were either injured or lost their lives [at the Battle of Gettysburg]. As the first African American in Pennsylvania to win a statewide elected office, I have to say I probably would not be here if it had not been for them." 

Part of the America250 preparation includes the building of the "Beyond the Battle" Museum in Adams County. The 29,000 square foot building is being funded with $2.8 million in state money.

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